The Paradoxical Enigma

This sums me up pretty well:

I am me, I have fun and I'm a bit different at times. Don't be insulted by what I say. I just like to think outside the box. Yes I enjoy debating so feel free to challenge me. :)

I am an equalist because I find feminism and masculinism to both have flaws. Main flaw being they only help one gender. So therefore only male or females are helped where as the other one is left out as well as transgenders too.

Yes I do blog promotions, please message me for details.

I thought this was common sense but apparently it is not. I'd rather not have the source Nazi's after me so I'll say it like this. If I do not say it is mine in some way shape or form it isn't. If you're really unsure and really care, ask me. But aside from pictures I post(and mark as my own) and occasional conversations I own nothing here. Most the stuff is either reblogs or things I found on other sites which does not have the source of the true author. If you're a paranoid schizo about sources tell me what the source is and link my post to me and I'll put a source in there. Keep in mind this is simply Tumblr not a famous art gallery or museum. So hopefully my message is clear and perhaps in my sarcastic tone you got a few laughs. Have a beautiful day.

Minecraft Stuff like servers, seeds, worlds, etc:

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The harrowing days you had left,
none could be as cruel as the day after.

You could have chosen anything at that point,
knowing an end was near you had unlimited freedom.

Constricted freedom.

But of all the paths you could choose.
Of anything you could have done.

You chose to debilitate those around you,
just like other have done to you.

I know it doesn’t matter,
you won’t breathe again.

But even in death was it necessary?
As a lifeless being what was your gain?

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