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I am me, I have fun and I'm a bit different at times. Don't be insulted by what I say. I just like to think outside the box. Yes I enjoy debating so feel free to challenge me. :)

I am an equalist because I find feminism and masculinism to both have flaws. Main flaw being they only help one gender. So therefore only male or females are helped where as the other one is left out as well as transgenders too.

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I thought this was common sense but apparently it is not. I'd rather not have the source Nazi's after me so I'll say it like this. If I do not say it is mine in some way shape or form it isn't. If you're really unsure and really care, ask me. But aside from pictures I post(and mark as my own) and occasional conversations I own nothing here. Most the stuff is either reblogs or things I found on other sites which does not have the source of the true author. If you're a paranoid schizo about sources tell me what the source is and link my post to me and I'll put a source in there. Keep in mind this is simply Tumblr not a famous art gallery or museum. So hopefully my message is clear and perhaps in my sarcastic tone you got a few laughs. Have a beautiful day.

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Recently a study was done by a group to see if you could determine information about a FB user just by using things they like, recommend, comment on, and post on their wall. How did it go? Pretty good considering they got about 90% accuracy.

What did they determine?
They were able to determine a persons age range, gender, religion, nationality, location they lived, music tastes, if they did drugs(legal and illegal) and much more.

Who did they use?
Well it was random and actually it may have been you. But even if it was you won’t know. You actually already agreed to let this happen without your knowledge. And if you say well I’ve never entered that kind of information it doesn’t matter. Facebook puts a tracker on your computer to determine what websites you visit to figure out much of this information and then saves it with your profile.

How did it work?
So the company took a guess at your information using a tool of theirs to try and figure as much as they could about you based on your information(No it doesn’t matter if your setting are private or public) then paid Facebook to get the real information to see if they were right. A bit over 90% of the time they were!

So what do they plan to do with this information?
They are going to mass produce this tool and sell it to companies. So when a company wants to hire someone of a specific race, gender, religion, etc for them to seem like they are equal opportunity employers they will either seek you out and contact you by email or put ads up related to you.
Another option is advertising companies will use this tool to target specific kinds of people with their advertising. Or a company may use it to determine the likely hood you use drugs or smoke/drink(since it costs more insurance wise to hire those people) and deny you before you even get an interview.

I apologize for any spelling errors. I had to type this out on my phone once I read the article in the paper. I felt people who own a Facebook should know this, as it can be pretty important.

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